Living Nativity

CamelBring your living nativity to life with the real thing... Camels.

Our Camels have worked on stage in Nativity plays and outside in both drive-by and walk-thru nativity scenes. Attract people to your church with live animals. Donkeys (rideable) sheep and goats also available.


Camel Rides

Camel Rides

We offer safe, reliable camel rides through the woods or in a fenced ring, depending on the space and availability. We have large comfortable camel saddles for you to ride on. We also offer instantly printed digital pictures of your ride. We have a spotless safety record and are fully insured. Hoola Hoops

Other Entertainment

Hoola Hoop, Whip Cracking and Rope Spinning acts are also available because it is not only the animals that have been trained. Puppets

Let us perform for you, and amaze you and your friends and family.

Giant street puppets are a great way to get attention for parades, festivals, grand opening events and private parties.

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