Camel Libery act on
Cole Bros. 2008
Pickles sure can jump!
Pony liberty act at
Adirondack Animal Land
Leroy loves his Sarsaparilla
Some majestic Silk Road Camels
Carolyn performing on the spanish web
Sultan (camel) and Bunky(zebra) in our mixed act
Here we are in
medieval garb at King Richards Faire in Carver, Ma.
Pickles riding Castabet
Noogie: our best beggar
Our dog family: Noogie, Gypsy,
Pickles and Corky
Mike with Pulsar, his famous comedy horse
Mike and Pachyderm friend
Pulsar, drinking again
Carolyn and her trained llamas
Two giant cats to brighten your day
Carolyn with a zebra act
Ready for the show!
Smile! Life with animals
is great!





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